Let's Protect Our Kids

“I'm scared of COVID-19 Delta.”

Pfizer vaccinE Fda-approved for ages 5 & up

People under 18 need parental permission to be vaccinated. Let your parents know:

  • There is an FDA-approved vaccine for people under 18
  • Side-effects are rare and usually minor
  • The vaccine is safe and effective in protecting you against COVID-19
  • The vaccine has been shown to guard against COVID-19 reinfection
  • Kids and young adults are at risk for COVID-19 Delta
A picture of a young woman showing off the place on her shoulder where she got vaccinated
“I got vaccinated and that protects me and my family and friends.”

Let’s protect our kids.

Pfizer vaccine is FDA-approved for ages 5 & up.

FDA-Approved. Safe & Free.

Millions of Americans have been safely vaccinated. But to slow the spread of COVID-19 many more still need to get the vaccine.